Arm Adult Finder


Protect your children against Internet dangers


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Arm Adult Finder is a blocking tool that allows you to block access to websites with porn or violent content. The program is very easy to use and has a very intuitive interface. You are just some seconds away from running it.

Once it's running, Arm Adult Finder will filter contents and it will be impossible to access +18 websites. No matter the web browser you use, it will filter activity of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Of course, the control panel of the program offers configuration settings to personalize the filter. Enter words and sentences to help the program filter websites. You can also set websites you don't want to be visited or select the ones you want to be visited and restrict access to the rest.

Arm Adult Finder is one of those applications that will be really helpful for parents to protect their children when they are surfing the Internet.
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